Google wants you to have an SSL certificate on Chrome Browser

And yes, it will affect your page ranking on Google

But that’s not the primary reason to have it!

Let’s start with a little story…

Let’s say there is this blogger, we’ll call her Natalie, she’s just someone who wants to get her message out there in the world. She doesn’t collect any information from her readers, her site traffic is pretty good and she has a loyal fan base who love to read her posts and engage with her on social media. Her fans love her. They trust her. She just self-published a book that’s for sale on Amazon, and there’s a link to the buy page on her site. Her fans leave her site and go to Amazon to buy the book- that is a safe, encrypted environment where the transaction takes place, so she doesn’t need an SSL Certificate on her site, right?


Many small business owners or bloggers don’t think their site is “important” enough to have an SSL Certificate so they save a little time and money when building their site. This may be the single biggest mistake they make! It will cost them much later down the road to fix a compromised site, but worst of all, they may lose the trust they’ve worked so hard to build with their fans. That is a real loss!

What is an SSL?

I could get all GEEKY and BORING and explain how it works, but I’ll spare you that. If I say a “site is using SSL”, I mean that it has a properly configured SSL certificate, and will only accept connections over HTTPS- the “S” stand for “secure”. A secured site has the little green lock in the browser bar, and an unsecured site in Chrome now displays a little “i” for “information” where the green lock should be. That little green lock assures you that you are on the real site, not a hacked copy of the website you intended to visit, and that the data exchanged between the site browser and servers is encrypted and cannot be openly transmitted to a nefarious third party. (Breathe a sigh of relief).

Secured site with SSL Certificate- see the little green lock?

Secured site with SSL Certificate- see the little green lock?


Non-secure site- see the "i" displayed?

Non-secure site- see the “i” displayed?


Natalie may think she is fine operating a website without an SSL certificate, but she may not realize that her site has been injected with malicious code. When a viewer clicks on an ad on her site, malware is injected into their site, and the breakdown of trust has begun! Now her once loyal fan is angry with Natalie because she had ransomware holding her computer hostage. Oh boy. Wish she’d seen that one coming!

Google Chrome will boost page ranking of sites with an SSL to promote cyber security

In an effort to step up security and crack down on hackers, Google Chrome will start boosting the page ranking for sites with a properly configured SSL. And who doesn’t want a little more Google love, right? It’s all in the interest of security, and if you can get a bit of a page boost, why not? If you’re not sure how to get an SSL or if your site even has one, contact your hosting provider or web developer and get one set up TODAY!

You don’t want to be this website: