No more Monthly Payments!

WordPress Maintenance

The new year brings new ways to ensure that your website is properly maintained and backed up. Coupled with easier online payment methods monthly WordPress maintenance just got a whole lot easier.

All WordPress websites need regular maintenance in order to maintain optimized performance. Failing to keep up with these updates can compromise your site- plugins may stop working, or worse an old software version may open you up to a brute force attack by hackers.

But how do you know which plan is going to be right for you? Here’s some info to help you make that decision:

The DIYer

You are a Do-It-Yourself, kinda person. You’re not afraid to get into the Dashboard of your WordPress website as an Admin user and take a look around, see which Plugins and Themes need updates, and maybe even perform those yourself. However, you might want help occasionally with backups, updates, and uploads of media.

If this sounds like you, choose the:
$50/ HOUR On Demand Option:

  • This option covers one WordPress Website
  • A minimum of 1 hour is required to sign up for this package; If more time is needed to perform maintenance, JBcreativeLLC will provide you with a quote before doing any work.
  • Website Updates to WordPress software, Theme software, and Plug-ins.
  • 1 Backup of Database.
  • Spam purge, database overhead clean-up, and optimization.

The Confident Blogger

You are a regular blogger, know your way around the WP Dashboard, and feel confident in your WordPress capabilities. But since you’re busy and need support making sure your WP site is running smoothly at all times, you want regularly scheduled backups and updates for your site.

If this sounds like you, choose the:
$300/ YEAR BASIC Plan (formerly $25/month plan):

  • Daily Website Monitoring & Updates to WordPress software, Theme software, and Plug-ins.
  • Weekly Backup of Database.
  • Quarterly Report detailing website updates, searches, site optimization, and activity.
  • Weekly Spam purge, database overhead clean-up, and optimization.
    This plan DOES NOT INCLUDE:
    -Security software & monitoring- pro-active defense to prevent Brute Force attacks, hacking attempts, and unapproved logins from rogue bots.
    -Upload of videos, new staff photos, bios, & new customer forms (great for growing businesses or those with fluid contract staff).
    -Technical support with e-Commerce hosting company/ Plug-in/ Shopify site as needed.

The Busy Entrepreneur

You have a WordPress website and need total support. You want the confidence of monthly support coupled with support services like video uploads and security software installed to keep your site safe from hackers.

If this sounds like you, choose the:
$600/ YEAR BASIC Plan (formerly $50/month plan):

  • Software Updates: Plugins, Themes, WordPress
  • Weekly optimization: Find and delete Spam comments, post revisions, and MB Overhead that can slow down your site
  • Website Care Reports- 4/year (1 per quarter) Details of Backups, Optimizations, and Security for your records
  • SECURITY- Pro Version of security software- under license of JBcreativeLLC: Daily Security Monitoring, Brute Force Attack Prevention, Customized Login, Scheduled Admin Lockout time, Malware Scans, Detection and deletion of suspiciously registered users
  • SSL Certificate Installation (SSL Certificate purchased in your hosting account)
  • Uploads- Videos from YouTube, Local News/Press Events, etc., PDF Forms (may require Plugin that incurs additional licensing charges, .e. Gravity Forms)
    This plan DOES NOT INCLUDE:
    Blog Posts Content Creation- This service is available as a contracted service.
    Re-design of pages or new page creation or other Web or Graphic Design Services. Those are available at an hourly rate.