My love affair with Apple

We’ve been together since 1992, but it’s been a rocky road recently. All I want is some glimmer of hope that this product I use on a daily basis will be refreshed and renewed.

I am a designer, and I rely on my MacBook Pro Retina laptop when I travel between the Midwest and the Northeast. While at home, I plug into a large monitor attached to a swing arm so I can sit and stand throughout the day.

Work Hard Anywhere

Now that the world is in the cloud, I am no longer bound to one specific OS for my software needs. I can work from anywhere, and I often do just that plugging into the 4G through my Android phone. Yeah, I broke up with my iPhone a few years ago. Sigh.

Apple has done nothing to impress me in the past five years and has done quite a bit to disappoint me. Mostly I feel the company has ignored its early adopters, designers, and fanboys and girls who helped build the company. In a word, me.

Planned Obsolescence Creates Beautiful Trash

The planned obsolescence philosophy is responsible for the iPhone two-year shelf life (time to upgrade!), my beautiful 2008 iMac which is fully functional sitting in a basement, and yet not able to handle a new OS (time to upgrade!), and my two first edition iPads which became unusable after only 18 months (time to upgrade!) and the drawer full of old iPhones, iPods and chargers. So many chargers. My basement is filled with more beautiful tech trash than I care to admit. I can’t seem to let go of these things, but they are no longer functional. At this point, it’s totally nostalgia and emotion. Sniff.

Last Chance Texaco in San Jose

I am giving Apple one more chance. Awaiting the Apple WWDC beginning Monday, June 5th, I’m holding my breath. If there aren’t significant upgrades to the MacBook Pro like better processors and a touch screen instead of a touch bar (lame), I’m done. How about a User Plan that actually encourages upgrades instead of gouging the most faithful Apple users?

Come on Apple, be my comeback kid and show me you have what it takes to be a tech company for all, not just iPhone users taking Snapchats and Etsy pix. I really don’t want to break up with you, so show me some of that old razzle dazzle that used to take my breath away.