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Privacy Policy for 2018

New Year, New Privacy Policy So we made it through January, the longest of the cold winter months! If you're one for resolutions, this is when the going gets tough. As winter drags on, our resolve seems to slip away, and then Spring! And we're all like...

Reduce Stress by Organizing Your Digital Life

Let's deal with some real-life digital frustrations! Have you felt (or even said out loud) any of these in the past month: "I am so busy but I never feel like I get anything done!" "How did I forget to renew my license plates/ domain name/ digital subscription?!"...

5 Essentials for Cyber Security

Security is Not Just For Corporations and the Government This original post from January of 2015 has been updated November 6th, 2017 2017 was a record year for hacks and Internet cybersecurity specialists are working overtime after high-level breaches at Equifax,...

JB Creative Opens Northeast Office

2017 Business Expansion Includes Offices in the Northeast and Midwest Julie Bolton Creative Consulting is pleased to announce a new Northeast office located in Newmarket, New Hampshire. The headquarters is located in southwest Ohio. We're headed up north! We now have...

SSL Certificate- What it is and Why you need one!

Google wants you to have an SSL certificate on Chrome Browser And yes, it will affect your page ranking on Google But that's not the primary reason to have it! Let's start with a little story... Let's say there is this blogger, we'll call her Natalie, she's just...

Apple WWDC 2017- I’m Counting On You!

My love affair with Apple We've been together since 1992, but it's been a rocky road recently. All I want is some glimmer of hope that this product I use on a daily basis will be refreshed and renewed. I am a designer, and I rely on my MacBook Pro Retina laptop when I...

Dear Middle-Aged Luddite

Dear Luddite Friend, Yes, I’m talking to you, friend of mine who, like me, still remembers rotary- dial phones and console TV’s pre-remote control. I've got some tough talk for you: It’s time to grow up. It’s no longer cute or even acceptable to throw your hands in...

New WordPress Maintenance Packages for 2017

No more Monthly Payments! WordPress Maintenance The new year brings new ways to ensure that your website is properly maintained and backed up. Coupled with easier online payment methods monthly WordPress maintenance just got a whole lot easier. All WordPress websites...

Yahoo Hacked Again- Verizon Deal In Jeopardy

Users Urged to Change Passwords, Add Two-Factor Authentication Late Wednesday YAHOO hacked again- this time over 1 BILLION users data was breached. This incident outweighs the previous data breaches significantly. Emails were sent out to all account holders urging...

Training Classes in Cincinnati Start Oct. 4th!

Learn all about Blogging, Social Media, and Newsletters Campaigns with JBcreativeLLC   Great new training classes are available in Cincinnati starting Tuesday, October 4th at The Eddy in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Best of all, these classes are FREE to all JBcreativeLLC...

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